Complementary Feeding of Infants and Young Children in Emergencies


Evaluating the Specific Requirements for Realising a Dedicated Complementary Feeding in Emergencies Training Resource (Module 3); a Preliminary Scoping Review of Current Resources (Phase I)

This review was carried out by Yasmin Hosny, Research Consultant, for the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), representing the IFE Core Group. This work was funded by the IASC Global Nutrition Cluster as part of a package of activities to build IFE capacity in humanitarian response.


IFE Core Group

The IFE Core Group is an interagency collaboration of UN agencies and NGOs concerned with policy guidance and capacity building on IFE , with particular focus on infants and children under 2 years and their caregivers. Current members are UNHCR, WHO, UNICEF, WFP, IBFAN-GIFA, CARE USA, ACF, SC US, SC UK, and the Emergency Nutrition Network (ENN), co-ordinated by the ENN. Fondation Terre des hommes is an associate member.


Since early 2007, the ENN/IFE Core Group members and collaborators have undertaken a variety of IFE activities funded by the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Nutrition Cluster to integrate and mainstream IFE in emergency programming and to build capacity in this sector. This review is part of this scope of work.


The author gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following reviewers for their valuable time, guidance and expertise; Marie McGrath (ENN), Lida Lhotska (IBFAN-GIFA), Rebecca Norton (IBFAN-GIFA), Vicky Sibson (SC UK), Mary S Lung'aho (CARE USA), Gabrielle Palmer, Susan Shepherd (MSF), Tanya Khara (UNICEF), Mandana Arabi (UNICEF), Zita Weise Prinzo (WHO), and Christiane Rudert (UNICEF). Sincere thanks is also extended to the IFE Core Group members and their contacts, who kindly recommended and shared resources produced or used by their agencies for use in this review.