EVENT, ORGANISED BY NM “Women and Mothers against Violence- member of COFACE” AND “SAVED FUTURE FUND”- BULGARIA


                On 15 May 2009 devoted to International Day of Families held under the theme "Mothers and Families: Challenges in a Changing World", NM “Women and Mothers against Violence- member of COFACE” in collaboration with “SAVED FUTURE FUND” organized activities in 3 big towns in Bulgaria : Sofia, Blagoevgrad and Pazardjik. The activities were organized under different topics:  

  q    “The education of the mothers about Safer Internet from different ethnical groups in Bulgaria .”- workshop. /Sofia/

  q     “National traditions about the role of the mothers in contemporary situation of the family’s life” – training for the students in art center “Ilindentsi”. /Blagoevgrad/

q    “Solidarity  between generations as model of the family”,- interactive seminar with representatives of immigrants from Peru , Iraq , Yemen , etc. /Pazardjik

The basic themes for the 3 activities were:

q    Training of mediators for the work in family friendly communities and national “Academy for parents”  by NM “WMAV”;

q    Introduction of the aims of the family policy on the European level on the basis of COFACE experience and documents from EU;

q    Definition of the basic aims, tasks and solutions as challenges for the families in Bulgaria .

q    Exchange of experience among the participants.


Participants: volunteers from NM “WMAV”, representative’s of different generations who work on the problems of the family, speakers- psychologists, economists, PR experts, artists, social workers, etc. The total number of the participant in the 3 activities was 82 people.


      1.     The workshop in Sofia shows that 49% from 32 participants for first time receive information concerning Safer Internet; 12% don’t work with computer but their children use PC; 39% are ready to continue their education concerning Safer Internet.

      2.     The participants in the training in Blagoevgrad received information and many materials concerning the role of ethno- cultural, demographic and religious traditions and arts, channels of communication, family experience. The aim of the activity was to give knowledge to the young people who will work with family friendly community.

3.     The seminar was devoted to the experience of the immigrant families and exchange of information about practices for their integration in Bulgaria through social help, employment and education. The participants are legal immigrants in Bulgaria from 5 years and more.


      1.     International Day of Families in Bulgaria shows that the people accept the family as a basic factor for development of society in the changing world.

      2.     The results from our 3 activities show that the family policy on the State level not very effective and NGOs are excellent connection between the government and the families.

3.     The legal immigrants in Bulgaria are very well integrated and the relations among the member’s of their families save national traditions.

4.     The general conclusion of the participants was that the celebration of International Day of Families was positive step for enlargement of the influence of COFACE position and recommendations about family protection on the EU level.

5.     Information for the celebration was submitted to the competent institutions in Bulgaria . Press Release of COFACE was distributed to all participants in the events and to the media.