We are the Bulgarian group of Global Alliance for Child’s Health and Nutrition which includes IBFAN and WABA consisting 150 groups all over the world. The Bulgarian group was created in 1995 .

We are NGO.

Our mission is protection of children and mother’s rights, promotion and support of breastfeeding. We work for implementation throug the legislation of the International Code for marketing of breastfeeding substitudes, subsequent Resolutions of EU and Codex Alimentarius Standards.

Our activities are:

Ø  Organization and participation in national and international seminars and trainings;

Ø  Workshops, working meetings;

Ø  Campaigns devoted to the protection of child’s health;

Ø  Work in “mother to mother support groups”;

Ø  Work of Academy for Parents “Nancy Jo Peck”;

Ø  Actions for protection of the rights of working women;

Ø  Since 2001 we lounched the Monitoring Project for violations of the companies-producers of infant and follow up formula against the recomandations of the International Code for Marketing of Breastmilk Substitudes;

Ø  Family support;

Ø  WBW celebrations since 1996;

Ø  Realization of projects;

Ø  Preparation and distribution of audio, video and printed materials for education;

Ø  Collaboration with other NGOs, institutions and organizations and other interested on mother’s and child’s rights sides;

Ø  International activities

Ø  Press conferences and other media participations.

We are health workers, nutritionists, journalists, psychlogists, scientific workers, teachers, students and mothers.